11.       Will a Town Manager make Wellesley more efficient?

 No one knows.

 Proponents have hinted that the Town Manager form of government will result in efficiencies. However, the Town Government Study Committee and Selectmen have not quantified potential savings, if any. Good government is responsive to the needs of the community. It seeks to reach the best possible outcome for the citizens, not to reach the finish line in the fastest or cheapest way. Some of our greatest accomplishments such as the new High School, the Fuller Brook Park project, and the purchase of the North 40 – have succeeded precisely because leaders of those projects have taken the time to build consensus and develop community buy-in. Projects improve through the myriad skill sets, knowledge and guidance that residents bring to the table.

 We can’t advocate for discarding a proven form of government in return for vague promises.


12.       If we approve the Special Act and then later decide it isn’t working for Wellesley and we want to change it, can we?

Yes, but it is difficult and highly unlikely.

Any changes to the Special Act would have to go through the same process that created this Special Act in the first place, namely a majority vote at Town Meeting, approval by the State legislature and Governor, and finally approval by the Town’s voters in another ballot question. In contrast, changes to the Town’s bylaws can be made solely by Town Meeting.